Trapped in The Past is the twelfth and thirteenth episode in Season 2. its also the Season 2 finale. its air date is March 15, 2017. this is the series finale on Nick. its and hour finale. the series is currently finished.


Gia, Ted, Marsh, Funky, Emma, Jason, Cory, Baker Sadie, And the Marlon twins come to Tica make a big disision after tica gets a letter across the world and the kids go there different ways after high school. They all celebrate there last night together with a party, and then the next morning everyone goes there separted ways and that closes the series for good.


  • This episode is the last episode of Elena of Avlor, on Nickelodeon.
  • This episode is the Season 2 finale. and the series finale.
  • All Characters for Season 1 and 2 will Join forces. and Pentatonix and Arania Grande and Selena Gomez.
  • It has confirmed through the writers twitter account that all the main recurring characters will return for the spinoff.
  • The Spinoff is called Elena's World set 15 years later.
  • its unclear why they didn't air the full 20-episode second season filmed; maybe they didn't have the money to air those and aired the important episodes instead. the unaired episodes will maybe air in the spinoff.