My Little Kindom Part 2 is the 19th - and 20th episode in Season 1 of Elena of Avlor. it will air December 11, 2016. its the last episode in Season 1.


in the season finale, tica has to choose wether to go to fairyland or to stay on earth.


  • This episode is the officail season finale.
  • This episode ends with a evil man planning something. as a result it may happen later in Season 2. but that episode never aired rumors say that the episode may have been taken out because of action but according to the writers the reason was That all the guest stars on the series finale couldn't guest star on time and they replaced this episode in the series, but it was meant to air as the Season 2 finale and it would tie into this it will be realse in the DVD along with the episodes that didn't air.